About Us

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About Us

Jinxi Group is a professional real estate company cooperatively established by China and Philippines. With more than 20 years of experience in the real estate development in China, Jinxi Group is determined to invest in the Philippines and develop its own local brand. It actively participates in the local philanthropy, and contributes to the promotion of economic and cultural exchanges between China and Philippines. 

Jinxi Group is currently working on projects such as: Jinxi Seaview City close to OKADA, Jinxi Emperor City next to City of Dreams, Jinxi International Hotel, Jinxi Champagne City of Cavite and Davao and Champagne City located in the New Clark City. The said projects constitue the Jinxi Project Group in Metro Manila. In addition, the Group has also planned for two residential and commercial complexes in Jinxi’s Cebu project and Davao project. Jinxi Group has been fully planned and deployed in Philippines. 

Jinxi Seaview City, with a total building area of 200,000 square meters and height of 30 floors, is the first project of Jinxi Group. The project will include a commercial strip, luxury residential units and amenities using high-end design and materials. The project which is situated along Manila Bay and close to the coast-line, is only 500 meters away from OKADA Hotel. You will enjoy the world famous Manila Bay sunset sitting on your own balcony. 

Jinxi Seaview City is located within the entertainment and casino area. The Manila Bay where the project is located has become a hot spot for international investors. Based on the historical data on world’s real estate developments within the gambling area, there is infinite room for real estate appreciation. In Manila, the price of properties near gaming and entertainment districts continue to rise as well. Demand for residential properties is growing by 15% to 30% every year while its supply is decreasing. 

Jinxi Seaview City will become a hot selling and high-quality project in the real estate market of Manila Bay with its golden location, high-quality matching and comfortable apartment type. It is the best choice for both investment and own use.